Civil Engineering

Civil engineering

In an attempt to diversify as far as possible within the construction sector, we decided to take on new challenges by also applying our skills to the construction and maintenance of roadways and civil engineering.

We began by building the Niki Beach car park at the Hotel Don Carlos in Marbella, and also started a number of years ago to work for the Provincial Authority of Malaga, restoring highways in the province. The Malaga Authority has also commissioned us to repair depressions on highways in the northern part of Malaga province, along with emergency highways works in the Ronda region.

We have to date successfully completed all the tasks entrusted to us, reliably fulfilling all our clients' needs.

Our work reflects a concern and respect for the environment, with the aim of analysing, predicting and minimising any negative environmental incidents and impacts affecting the surrounding context and the health and safety of our workers, by establishing specific procedures to be followed in order to guarantee the highest levels of compliance in these aspects.

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