Refurbishment projects


Having worked with the Bishopric of Malaga for more than eight years now, we are well versed in the refurbishment of historical buildings, roof repairs, facades, structural and foundations work, etc.

The tasks performed in this sector have served to specialise our company in performing jobs with a very high level of finishing, fully accustomed to working in partnership with the highly specialist companies who assist us in these particularly specific commissions.

Particular mention should be made of our major refurbishment projects for the La Amargura Parish Church in Malaga, the refurbishment of the San Pío Parish Church in the district of La Palmilla in Malaga, refurbishment of the roof of the Nueva Andalucía Parish Church in Marbella, roof refurbishment at the Nuestra Señora Madre de Dios Parish Church in Marbella, and refurbishment of the spire of the San Rafael Parish Church in Melilla, all undertaken for the Bishopric of Malaga.

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